HoZac 7"

by the band in Heaven

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out on HoZac Records now: hozacrecords.com/2012/01/the-band-in-heaven-2/
Sleazy Dreams video - vimeo.com/27420833
Sludgy Dreams video - vimeo.com/27420833


released 20 January 2012

the band in Heaven: Ates Isildak, Lauren Dwyer
All songs written by Ates Isildak
All songs recorded and mixed by Ates Isildak

1. Sleazy Dreams
w/ Jack Chapman - Drums, Kevin Williams - Bass
2. If You Only Knew
w/ Bre Weatherford - Vocals
3. Summer Bummer
w/ Ben Mendelewicz - Drums, Kevin Williams - Bass, John Paul Pitts - Lead Guitar
4. Sludgy Dreams
w/ Jack Chapman - Drums, Jay Tillman - Bass, Fred Mullins - Second Guitar

Artwork used courtesy of Matt Lifson - www.mattlifson.com
Layout Ben Mendelewicz - www.benmendelewicz.com/illustrations/



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Track Name: Sleazy Dreams
blue cracked and peeling paint
found the scripture of a patron saint
number scratched into a bathroom wall
little Johnny swore you knew it all
knees skinned from the way you pray
back scratched from the way you lay
no weight in the words of grace
when every curve is an act of faith

i want to give your love a try
i want to feel your holy light

sing praise and i sing it back
spill seed as a sacrament
sweat beads on the rosary
watch them all fall to your feet
teeth stained by the blood of Christ
every child should know his vice
found the secret hidden in your palms
found the secret hidden in your psalms

i want to give your love a try
i want to feel your holy light
Track Name: Summer Bummer
been looking for lovers
been looking for fights
better look out for your brother
he's gonna get it tonight
been crawling through windows
been sleeping on floors
been burnin some bridges man
know your girlfriends a whore

well summer's a bummer
i guess summer's alright

been looking for freedom
been looking to score
think you had too much man
well i been looking for more
been spinning in circles
been climbing up walls
been looking for Jesus
does he hear when i call

well summer's a bummer
i guess summer's alright
summer's alright