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"Orlando, Florida shoegaze/dream pop duo The Band in Heaven returns with two fresh gems, and it’s a delight for us to see that the two have moved forward a few years, now being on a heavily mid to late-90s, densely psychedelia-infused trip (complete with sitar) that brings to mind later Oasis antics (only slightly more slowed-down and with less ragged working class euphoria), who of course have always been, as we all know, on a serious backward-leaning nostalgia trip themselves – which leaves us here with a retro late 60s/early 70s-inspired piece from 2011 viewed through a 1997 lense. Cheer up, Mr Reynolds!

If You Only Knew is taken from the outfit’s forthcoming cassette Seven Minutes In Heaven on NorseKorea Tapes which may be streamed over at bandcamp and is up for pre-order now over here." - No Fear Of Pop



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